TRACKING UPDATE!!! “Foreseen Scriptures” – Drums, Guitars, and Bass tracking is finished!!! Expect “Foreseen Scriptures” to be released early 2019 on Prophecy Records!!!

PROPHECY is set to begin recording the NEW FULL LENGTH RELEASE, “Foreseen Scriptures” on May 5th, 2018!!!

“Foreseen Scriptures” will be released late 2018 / early 2019 on Prophecy Records!!!  Subscribe to the official PROPHECY YouTube Channel to hear and see the new songs to be on “Foreseen Scriptures”!!!

PROPHECY began in 1991 in Shreveport, LA (U.S.). James Parks II (guitars/bass/vocals/drums) met a couple of other musicians and started jamming together and decided to form a band. James chose PROPHECY as the name. James had a conceptual design idea for the band name logo and Mike Wilson was the artist that drew the band name logo. Mike was also the 2nd guitarist of PROPHECY for the following 3 years. After playing in the Shreveport/Bossier City, LA area for more than 3 years, the 4 members decided to part ways. About 6 months passed before James met Joe “Boogie” Dunlap (guitarist). They decided to move to the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area and reform PROPHECY. Soon thereafter, Phil Holland joined as lead vocalist. PROPHECY became a TeXas brutal Death Metal (TXDM) band in 1995.

PROPHECY began writing new material for their debut 5-song EP
 “It Shall Come to Pass”. It was released by Prophecy Records (which James created, owns, and operates) on cassette in March of 1996. In March of 1997, a 2-song promo was released by Prophecy Records on cassette for promotion of their debut full length c.d., “Foretold…Foreseen”. Prophecy Records released “Foretold…Foreseen” on 10-28-98. “Foretold…Foreseen” was re-released by Prophecy Records on c.d. in 2013. The “It Shall Come To Pass” full length c.d., was released by Prophecy Records on 9-3-01. PROPHECY’s 2nd full length c.d. “Our Domain”, was released by Prophecy Records and Shindy Productions (Czech Republic) on 7-7-02. And 2003 seen the bands 8th release, a 2nd European 7″ split. The 3rd official studio full length release, “Don’t Fuckin’ Mess With Texas” was digitally released on 10-28-11 by Prophecy Records, and on c.d., 1-7-12 by Prophecy Records. Prophecy Records released the 4th official studio full length release by PROPHECY, “THE BEGINNING”, on c.d., 10-1-16.

With awards and endorsements under their belt and numerous major U.S./EUROPEAN festivals and tours played and many coming, PROPHECY has proven they are here to stay!

Festivals/tours played:
-Death Fest West I (1996) co-headlined/Prophecy Records organized.
-Death Fest West II (1997) co-headlined/Prophecy Records organized.
-Milwaukee Metal Fest (1997).
-1st U.S. Tour w/Dying Fetus and Deeds of Flesh (1998).
-2nd U.S. Tour w/Divine Empire (1998) co-headlined/Prophecy Records organized.
-Grind Fest (1998).
-Michigan International Metal Fest (1998).
-“FORETOLD…FORESEEN” c.d. release (10-28-98) – headlined/Prophecy Records organized.
-Grind Fest II (1999).
-Ohio Death Fest (1999).
-November to Dismember Fest (1999).
-Ohio Death Fest (2000).
-Ohio Death Fest (2001).
-Ohio Death Fest (2002).
-“OUR DOMAIN” c.d. release show (7-7-02) – headlined/Prophecy Records organized.
-1st European tour “CUM ON EUROPE” (2004 – 13 countries) – headlined.
-“Fuck The Commerce” Festival (2004 – Germany) co-headlined.
-Extreme Texas Metal Fest II (2004) – headlined.
-Maryland Death Fest III (2005).
-Ohio Death Fest (2005) co-headlined.
-San Antonio Death Fest (2005).
-2nd European tour “Masturbating The Entrails” (2007 – 8 countries) – headlined.
-NRW Death Fest (2007 – Wermelskirchen, Germany) – headlined.
-Soul Burn Metal Fest (2010) co-headlined.
-TXDM FEST I (2010) – headlined/Prophecy Records organized.
-TXDM FEST II (2011) – headlined/Prophecy Records organized.
-“Don’t Fuckin’ Mess With Texas” c.d. release (1-7-12) – headlined/Prophecy Records organized.
-TXDM FEST III (2012) – headlined/Prophecy Records organized.
-Pit-Bulls Society Metal Head Appreciation Fest (2013) – headlined.
-TXDM FEST IV (2013) – headlined/Prophecy Records organized.
-TXDM FEST V (2014) – headlined/Prophecy Records organized.
-3rd European Tour, “BLOOD BROTHERS IN EUROPE” Pt. 1 (2014 – 5 countries) – headlined/Prophecy Records organized.
-Obscene Extreme Festival (2014 – Czech Republic).
-4th European Tour “BLOOD BROTHERS IN EUROPE” Pt. 2 (2014 – 1 country) – headlined/Prophecy Records organized.
-NRW Death Fest (2014 – Wermelskirchen, Germany) – headlined.
-5th European Tour “Reborn Through Death” (2015 – 7 countries) headlined/Prophecy Records organized.
-“ROCK THE HELL” Fest (2015 – Switzerland) – headlined
-TXDM FEST VI (2015) – headlined/Prophecy Records organized.
-TXDM FEST VII (2016) – headlined/Prophecy Records organized.
-“THE BEGINNING” c.d. release (10-1-16) – headlined/Prophecy Records organized.
-3rd U.S. Tour 2017 “DECADES OF DESTRUCTION” (14 cities) headlined/Prophecy Records and S.L.E.P. organized.

-Voted .1 most requested band and song (“Feasting on the Flesh”) of 1997 on KNON 89.3fm Dallas, TX.
-First Death Metal band played on 105.3fm and play the 105.3fm “Live and Local Show” (7-7-02).
-First Death Metal band played on KEGL 97.1fm “The Eagle” and First Death Metal band to play The Eagle’s “Local Show” (9-22-02).
-James Parks II – Endorsed by Jackson Guitars (2000 to 2003).
-James Parks II – Endorsed by Coffin Case (1-2012 to 2014).
-James Parks II – Creator/Owner of Prophecy Records (1996 to present).
-James Parks II – Creator/Owner of TXDM FEST (2010 to present).
-Trevor Scott – Endorsed by Saluda Cymbals and Diamondback Drumsticks (2015 to 2016)

James Parks II / 817-500-7608

James / PROPHECY / Prophecy Records / TXDM FEST



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